Hello, you soulful courageous being

Discover your own healing power

There is an energy inside of you that feels bold and boundless ready to be expressed

Priorities have shifted, and you are ready to create boundaries so you can nurture your growth and self-exploration 

You have wondrous mysticism is in your heart 

Aging paradigms don’t fit, and you are feeling called to age on your own terms

Hello beautiful goddess.

I know. You might be saying to yourself, “whom does this woman think she’s talking to? Beyoncé?”

Well, if you identify as Beyoncé, hello, and thank you for looking at my website. I love “Lemonade,” and you should have won the Grammy.

For me, the word “goddess” is about how you connect with that feminine divine energy within you. We are all divine beings on a path to discover ourselves more deeply. That goddess energy IS within you; it may just be buried under old beliefs that no longer serve you and patriarchal paradigms of suppression, but it IS there.

In midlife, many of us feel this calling to go deeper within and begin our self-discovery journey, especially if we tend to “people please” or prioritize others over ourselves. Most don’t realize it’s a developmental stage in life called the Independent. We long for understanding who we are without prescribed paradigms and other’s influence.

And, as a woman, we get the pleasure of what is essentially second puberty. We enter a phase of our lives that is often disregarded, untreated, and unsupported, called perimenopause. This period of our lives is usually marked with weight gain, depression, insomnia, and emotional turbulence, all because of fluctuating hormones.

Perhaps you are ready to:

You understand that your authentic self evolves naturally over time. Changing as years pass … opening up to what you feel called to say, go after, create, and you crave living in the now — putting aside worry and regret. Things that used to feel so important (money, fame, career status) don’t have the same glow. Compassion and service are calling your name. What will your legacy be?

Breaking Past the Old Paradigms of Aging

When I started to research famous midlife goddesses, guess what I found? That’s right, very little. Most of what we learn and revere when it comes to mythological greek goddesses are those with an eternal young beauty. There are a few within the “crone” archetype, and most of them are cast aside. (I’m continuing the research, so please let me know if you know of specific goddesses who are revered during their midlife.) 

Going way, way back, women were honored for entering the part of their lives when they no longer menstruate. Ancient cultures saw this as the moment that a woman had fully stepped into her wisdom and power. Her blood was so sacred that it no longer flowed from her womb—this reverence aligned with a time when feminine energy was recognized and valued. 

Let’s see this period of our lives as a rite of passage rather than a burden and a time to feel and see our beauty rather than shame. 

We live in a culture that is all about “anti-aging”, and what if you helped to change that old way of thinking … a Wayshower for future generations.

What do you mean by feminine energy?

Let me begin by stating that masculine and feminine energies are not gender bound. These energies are composed within the psyche. You may also know them as yin and yang or sun and moon. 

Masculine energy relates to the psyche that is focused on a process, taking action and is, essentially, the energy of doing. 

Feminine energy relates to the psyche about nurturing, creation, intuition, and the significance of being. 

We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. This is how our projects come to life. The blend of these energies within us depends on our history, cultural background, and upbringing. 

In the collective society context, masculine energy has felt bound to patriarchy (although this is not real) and has been more about actual men being in power. The “rise of feminine energy” really means that our feminine sides are beginning to trust in the softness of things. We are all feeling the urge to connect with our intuition. We are ultimately striving for harmony.



I know all of this because this has been my life over the last several years. I’ve journeyed through the self-discovery process of my health as it began to show symptoms of perimenopause.

All of this started when I was in my late 30s, and I had a miscarriage. I came to discover in that process that my uterus never formed correctly, that it was misshapen, and would not be able to support a child. I felt very alone and spent years in shame about my body.

I’m now on a personal path of womb healing and re-discovering my body as it starts to wind down from ovulation. I’m releasing shame, understanding my bloating, brain fog, rollercoaster emotions, and night sweats.

And this period in my life, as the “Independent,” has brought me to profound transformative self-healing.

I’ve connected more deeply to my values, and I have created boundaries. I’ve learned about my own spirituality; I’ve listened to my body, and I’ve gone after my curiosity. I’ve accessed the “witch or enchantress” inside me, which led me into deeper authenticity, and I’ve found my voice.

I’m not a guru, or savior, or a know-it-all. I’m a woman that has gone through some stuff and wants to help other women (including those who identify as women) to transverse this period of life with grace, wisdom, and self-compassion.

My goal, by 2025, is to support 1,000 women a year through their perimenopausal journey and to have a beautiful healing center in Joshua Tree, California. This center will offer a sacred space for women to come and honor their bodies as they transform, to have a beautiful place of community, and to learn about how to take care of themselves in a natural way.


As Seen In

here is how i help

The Program

Over the course of our time together, we focus on …



Three months gives us the opportunity to work deeply together and to create lasting change. It will also give us the time to work through any limiting beliefs that come up during your transformation. Making the decision to change is hard, but the transition is harder. I will be there with you every step of the way.

Yes. You have until the first scheduled call to request a full refund. If you reschedule the first call and then decide you would like a refund, you will receive 50% refund which must be claimed prior to the call. After the first call, there are no refunds.  All refunds and rescheduling policies will be outlined in the contract. 

When you sign-up for the group coaching package you will receive a private slack account which you can use 24/7 to reach me during the course of our contract. Additionally, there will be exercises, books, personality tests, and some swag. Learn more here. 

I am currently developing a group coaching program and it will be available on June 8th. Learn more here.

Single sessions are available as an immersive day package. This includes a full day of coaching and is usually for goal-setting. Please message me for more details. 

Yes, all conversations are confidential. I also follow the ethics for coaching outlined by the ICF (International Coaching Federation.) Think of me as your personal vault. 

Generally speaking, coaches tend to look forward and create new habits through exercsies and discussion. At times, we will look at your past to understand where limiting beliefs may have started (i.e. fear of failure or lack of confidence) to have a better understanding of how to manage going forward. 

Therapy is about looking back and helping you have a better understanding of your history.  As part of my ethical training, I will clearly state if I feel a certain part of your history may require therapy instead of coaching. In many cases the combination of coaching and therapy is a great recipe for true transformation.