Hey, you ....

Pause. It's time to heal.

This might feel uncomfortable, but I think you should take a moment for you.

Let’s acknowledge you!

You have many strengths.

  • You deeply feel and sense the emotions of others. 
  • You are a dedicated partner, employee, parent, and friend.
  • You are the person your friends call when they need support.
  • You are committed to your responsibilities.


Yeah, you are pretty top-notch if you ask me.

You are SO good at helping others that you often forget about yourself. At times in your life, you’ve recognized the unbalance in your relationships or the intense amount of pressure you have put on yourself to adapt and feel a sense of belonging. 

And, then you find yourself in midlife saying "I don't have the capacity for this anymore".

Did you know that you have the most responsibilities and the highest number of relationships in midlife? 

To go deeper, if you are Gen X, you are amongst the first generation to support aging parents’ health and navigate the complexities of parenting your children, all while being deeply committed to your career. 

How can you possibly be that emotional support person to all of those people and still find some time for yourself?

Breathe, sweet one.


workshops - coming soon

I'm not a guru. Just someone that's been through the fire; I'm ready to share what I've learned with you so you can feel better.

I spent 43 years of my life always considering the needs of others before my own, apologizing for things that weren’t my fault—and feeling deeply unsatisfied in my relationships. My breaking point came at the expense of my health. Severe endometriosis, relentless digestion issues, and insomnia were the warning signs that finally pushed me into action.

My signature 1:1 Program

Release, Restore, Recreate

My 90-day healing program: Release, Restore, Recreate is your 6-point map to increased energy and life fulfillment in midlife.

It’s a three-month program designed specifically for those who are learning to honor themselves, set boundaries, and have a deeper sense of self-worth


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a healing modality based on the same principles as acupuncture. This course gives an overview of your nervous system, the basic recipe of EFT, 20 scripts to get you started, and how to adapt the modality for 1:1 work. 

This is a quarterly live course. 


Breath is medicine.

What the mind can’t process, the body holds, and breath is one of the healing tools the body uses to release stress and old energy trapped as tension and potential disease.

For those of us who sometimes struggle to let go and really feel, breath helps us to get to a place to finally surrender.