Hey, sensitive one ...

It's time to
heal those stressful relationship patterns.


Hello friend and fellow sensitive.

That chronic stress you are feeling

  • the hyper vigilance
  • the need to always be active
  • the knots in your stomach
  • the tendency to over give, over acheive, or over please


Is because at some point you lost your way. It’s not your fault. Perhaps when you were really young you created these patterns to help you feel safe. 

And now you feel drained by your relationships. How do I keep this up? When will I feel safe, confident, and ready to receive the love that I dream about? When can I finally stop questioning my value and worth when it comes to others?

I hear you and see you.


First step ...

Take the Intuition Archetype Quiz

This quiz will help to deepen the relationship to yourself and help you to realize all of your strengths and 3 tips you can use right now to support your stress. 


You have many strengths.

  • You deeply feel and sense the emotions of others. 
  • You are a dedicated partner, employee, parent, and friend.
  • You are the person your friends call when they need support.
  • You are committed to your responsibilities.

Yeah, you are pretty top-notch if you ask me.

You are SO good at helping others that you often forget about yourself. At times in your life, you’ve recognized the unbalance in your relationships or the intense amount of pressure you have put on yourself to adapt and feel a sense of belonging. 

as seen in

I'm not a guru. Just someone that's been through the fire; I'm ready to share what I've learned with you so you can feel better.

I spent 43 years of my life always considering the needs of others before my own, apologizing for things that weren’t my fault—and feeling deeply unsatisfied in my relationships. My breaking point came at the expense of my health. Severe endometriosis, relentless digestion issues, and insomnia were the warning signs that finally pushed me into action.