What the mind can't process the body holds. Experience release and integration through the magic of breath.

Breathwork is an integral component of my practice

Here is the reason why.

Two years ago, I experienced my first breathwork journey. I had no idea what to expect. During my journey, I finally saw some of the conflicts in my life from a different perspective. I felt closer to my deceased mother. Most importantly, I finally felt my body and its power. I walked away feeling embodied, stronger, and lighter. 

Since then, I’ve been facilitating virtual breathwork journeys and have seen the same impact on dozens of people. Breath allows us to release old energy and emotions from our body that mindset work can’t reach. Sometimes the stories we keep repeating are because we haven’t released the “story” from our body.

I’m excited for you to experience the power of breath.

Breathwork may help to ...

Why ReWilding?

If we were to allow ourselves to completely disconnect from the digital world and the constraints of society, we would be more deeply connected to all of our senses. Our intuition wouldn’t be in question; we would rely on it to live. 

Breath brings out your creativity, breaks you free from constraints, shifts your consciousness, and helps you feel more deeply. 

When you completely surrender and trust the breath, you will connect with unknown parts of yourself. You will feel untethered and a little wild. And as a highly sensitive person who has become guarded over the last few years, this is your moment of pure surrender. It’s your time to let go, to allow yourself to feel all of the things you have shoved down. 

Breath brings you back to your innate connection to the wild within.

Virtual Group Breathwork Offerings