90 Day Healing program

Release, Restore, Recreate

A 6-point map to increased energy and life fulfillment for highly sensitive women in midlife.

I'm so happy you are here.

You belong here.

You know that there is more to this life, and you know deep down there is greater fulfillment waiting for you.

If you are like me, you spent most of your life focusing on the needs of others in search of a place for security and belonging. You have a heavy sense of responsibility and have a hard time saying “no”.

In midlife, you are at the peak of responsibility and relationships. As a highly sensitive person who has experienced years of feeling into others’ emotions (and possibly people-pleasing), you are now in a  place of feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

I get it. I’ve been there and have helped dozens of highly sensitive women navigate through what I call a midlife awakening.

Maybe you desire to

Here is what I know about highly sensitive people in midlife.

years of stress caused by unexpressed emotions and unmanaged anxiety are manifesting as discomfort in the body. You are burnt out.

regular comments about your sensitivity have caused you to keep your feelings compacted inside, and now you feel emotionally armored. You want to express again and love without fear.

you may find yourself feeling trapped in work that is no longer fulfilling and energetically taxing, yet because of your heavy sense of responsibility, you keep going.

you want to see the deeper meaning in life and maybe have asked yourself what’s beyond the hamster wheel of life.

"thank you, amy, for sprinkling my life with beauty and joy"

“I have found much more peace and balance in my life through our work together, and as a result, carved out essential self-love & care routines, techniques to handle different types of high stress situations, improvements in communication & anger control, less conflict in my personal relationships, and an inspired positive mindset.”

- june mee

what we focus on together


Imagine feeling a deeper connection to the girl who lost herself years ago in the wave of others’ expectations. This girl had big dreams, felt fully, expressed fully.

This is your opportunity to reunite with her, to recreate how you live, honor your sensitivities and your dreams, and allow yourself to feel, and love fully all within the framework of self-worth and self-allowance. Imagine releasing old doubts and worries around feeling accepted and having time back for self-nurturance. My signature program will support you with this vision.

Release, Restore, Recreate:

This is your 6 point map to your deeper alignment to self, greater peace, increased energy, and more fulfilling relationships.

This 3 month 1:1 program is designed to specifically support those you have a hard time setting boundaries, have a deep need for belonging, and are burnt out from stress. These six points provide the framework for our time together. Each session includes a restoration, movement or mindfulness experience, teaching, and focused time on one of the points below. 



Point 1

The Path to Restoration

Get clear on the specific stressors in your life and learn tools to help you build a greater capacity for stress.

  • Have a deeper understanding of your stress and how to build resilience
  • Release old stress and stagnant energy from the body through somatic stress release practices and breathwork
  • Enjoy the feeling of being able to adapt to stressors in your life by improving your nervous system’s ability to self-regulate



Point 2

Honoring Your Emotional Body

See how your life experiences have created patterns. These patterns ask for emotional awareness so they can find resolution. You’ll walk away feeling lighter and seen.

  • Gain comfort in expressing and feeling your emotions
  • Acknowledgment of life lessons and history
  • Heal generational patterns



Point 3

Reclaim your Space

Shift how you prioritize your energy and time based on what’s important to you. Learn best practices on expressing and maintaining boundaries at work and in relationships. 

  • Define your life values, needs, desires 
  • Create physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries
  • Confidently express “no.”
  • Release guilt around setting boundaries



point 4

Recreate How You See You

Go deep into your mindset to shift deeply held beliefs about yourself so you can have a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Have a deeper understanding of your thoughts through honoring what they are here to teach you
  • Use neuroscience tools to break up unhelpful thoughts around your identity
  • Build neuroplasticity through consistent supportive habits



Module 5

Sourcing Safety Within

Release the need for external validation, and find belonging within through strengthening your intuition. 

  • Create ceremonies and rituals to bring greater meaning to your day-to-day life
  • Learn tools for energetic self-healing 
  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-love



Point 6

Learning to Receive and Trust

Healthy and balanced relationships are a crucial element of happiness in midlife. Now that you have a greater understanding of who you are, it’s time to work on how you honor yourself in all of your relationships.

  • Build sovereignty and emotional intimacy within your relationships through your improved self-awareness 
  • Welcome the feeling of receiving and vulnerability in your relationships
  • Learn to express yourself compassionately and clearly in times of conflict

What's Included:


Stay Connected

Private Voxer channel to stay connected between sessions.


By signing up for 1:1 guidance, you automatically have access to all group breathwork experiences as well as private somatic sessions.

Welcome Gift

A box of goodies delivered to your door curated specifically for your healing journey.

"Amy has been an important part of my recent personal and professional journey and growth."

“Amy is intuitive, supportive and holds space for me extremely well. I am usually all over the place with thoughts and topics and her acceptance of how I flow along with matching the energy I need is beneficial. She has helped me navigate through some monumental personal relationship and family changes and I am deeply grateful to have had her guidance and support. “

- elizabeth

Release, Reclaim, Recreate

This program is for you if you are ready to have healthy boundaries in your work and personal life, have a greater sense of self, and have a robust toolkit to manage life’s stressors.

Hello, I'm Amy.

I help women transitioning into midlife who are ready to embrace their inner power to emotionally and spiritually recharge themselves so they can have wholehearted relationships, ongoing wellness, fulfilling careers, and a connection to deeper meaning in their lives.

I'm a recovering people-pleaser, a highly sensitive person, and a healer. Just a few years ago, I had no idea how to set boundaries for myself and was so burnt out that I became physically ill. I was a jackpot of unexpressed feelings and would cry at the drop of a hat. I had no idea about what I valued and struggled to feel a sense of belonging.

Everything I teach, I've experienced and I have navigated my way through the support of internal and outside guidance.

My gift is seeing you on a soul-level and holding space for those who struggle to receive. I see you and know you because in many ways we are the same.