It's time to recreate

Program details

Catering the Program

from overwhelmed to purposeful intent

A 75 minute session to clearly identify your current state and to set your intentions for the program.

Foundation for Growth

from imbalance to equilibrium

Gain an understanding of the mind/body connection whilst creating habits to support you during your transformation.

Introspection and Reflection

from despondent to encouragement

Identify your values and instincts using specific tools. Define and analyze how you measure success. 

Your Offering to the World

move into your authentic path

Identifying the overlap of your talents and passion with what the world needs. Walk away with your vision.

Setting Evolving Goals

from trapped to unlimited potential

Create vision goals supported with SMART goals and learn what this manifestation thing is all about.

Manage Limiting Beliefs

from fearful to confident

Learn what’s happening when you get that sinking feeling, what it means, and how to manage it.

package types


      • TIME session to release negative emotions
      • EFT (tapping) for specific emotions 
      • Anchoring for positive emotions (NLP)
      • Hypnosis session


Payment plan available

*Price increases to $2000 after May 29



Payment plan available

*Price increases to $4000 after May 29


      • Mission Statement and Service Model Creation
      • Marketing for solopreneurs — setting your marketing vision 
      • Branding — goal-setting for website and social media creation
      • CRM — establishing a database for your customers


Payment plan available

*Price increases to $8000 after May 29

Let’s hop on a call together. I would love to get to know you and see how I can support you. I also want you to experience the value so you have a clear understanding of the investment and what this means to your transformation. 

Single Sessions


   Price Increases to $350 on May 30, 2020

90 Min Clarity & Goal-Setting

Looking to get crystal clear on your vision? Want to move forward with that vision with confidence? During this 90 min session, we will define the outcome you desire, create an action plan to get you there, and help you step into the identity of the person who has already achieved the goal. We will end the session with a powerful NLP tool called the Ring of Power. You will walk away feeling clear, supported, and confident.