“She came to me in darkness, and she was all light. A cane of wood and silver tapping at my feet, she was staring straight into my eyes — her cloudy eyes asking me to see for her, to find the way out of the pattern. The pattern of deep deception and loneliness has pervaded our ancestry. Anger so deep that she was unable to heal it herself in her timeline. The cane is her way of expressing power and demanding action. To go deeper, to do the work.“

The experience of one-on-one guidance is so meaningful and powerful. We will go deep together, and while much of what I do is listed below, I go off of your deeper needs. We will meet in the beginning to discuss your overall intention for our time together, and then we will mold the sessions for you.

I prefer to meet bi-weekly to give your four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) time to integrate your teaching and guidance. This is your “homework” between each session.

Where I’ll guide

What you’ll discover on your journey

Your work will impact all areas of your life as well as the collective.

You’ll have access to:

space, guidance, and love

What I’m offering is space, guidance, and love. I’m offering you an opportunity to be you, to be seen, and to have a place to express yourself.

Healing is not linear. If I were to paint a path of my healing over the years, it would look more like a beautiful constellation, one of my own making. And that’s how it should be.

It’s essential to come into this work with a deep commitment to yourself. The work can bring up shadows and emotions that you’ve pushed away or entirely ignored for some time. While there may be moments of being uncomfortable, the other side feels lighter, more transparent. This is the way of healing; the only way is through.


6 sessions: 3 months

from overwhelmed to purposeful intent​
$ 5000 One Time Payment
  • loosen up old memories so you can learn from them and move forward
  • Discover your profound truths (aka values) and how to bring them to life in your world
  • let go of old paradigms of aging and learn to embrace your midlife
  • Learn to tap into your body for its intuition and to learn to trust what it's telling you
  • Voice your opinions and your needs without fear of judgment
  • Feel resourceful (self-sourced) in terms of your healing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

12 sessions: 6 months

from imbalance to equilibrium​
$ 10000 One Time Payment
  • establish a healthy mind and body foundation for your growth
  • deep diving into you (values, skills, talents, experiences, personality)
  • defining your life vision and purpose
  • creating goals that align with your vision
  • learning to establish habits that support your goals
  • understanding and overcoming your limiting beliefs
  • building confidence in how to move forward in a state of flow

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