Our Favorite Movies to Watch in the Summer Heat

By: The Recreated Team

The summer sun has been blazing these past couple of days. The humidity makes it so uncomfortable to enjoy some time outside. Now is the perfect time to blast that AC, curl up on the couch, munch on the perfect snack, and binge watch some of your favorite movies. At least that’s what The Recreated team is doing!

Here is a list of our favorite movies to watch right now and maybe it’ll inspire you to watch them, too.

Just Go With It


 It’s so funny! I’m a sucker for a traditional Rom-Com, and I’m a huge fan of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston and this movie has both of them! I’ve seen this movie a bunch and I think it’s appropriate at any time of year (because let’s be honest, a good laugh is necessary all the time). However, this movie takes place in Hawaii and when I watch it in the Summer, I just imagine I’m there and enjoying the same beach and waterfalls and swimming with dolphins that the cast is 🤣 I would recommend watching this with a fun fruity cocktail to help really give you all the tropical vibes when you’re imagining. Overall, this movie continues to boost my mood and leaves me feeling so good because it’s about falling in love, it’s funny, it’s about family, and it’s shot in HAWAII – the views are amazing! 

Where to Watch | Netflix ; Amazon Prime and Vudu (rent)



My favorite summer movie is Jaws! And, although the movie has moments of terror, it’s more about nostalgia for summertime in the 70s. I also love the moment when all three shark chasers (Richard Dreyfus, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider) are on the Orca (the boat) and they start sharing scar stories and singing. (FYI, the Orca whale is the only known natural predator of the white shark. 😱) I love coming into the house after a day in the sun, sitting on the couch in a cool air conditioned room, and watching this movie with popcorn and junior mints.

Where to Watch | HBO Max ; Youtube and Amazon Prime (rent)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


There are so many reasons why I love this movie, the main one being that it’s one of the first rom-com movies I watched EVER and I guess it just stuck with me. Every time I get comfortable on the couch,  I feel like it’s the first time I’m witnessing the ever-so-cliche romance blossom between Andie Anderson and Benjamin Berry (spoiler alert… they fall for each other). The crazy things Andie does to lose Ben always make me laugh (Benny-boo-boo-boo-booboo), and my heart warms up when they are all at Ben’s family home playing BS – reminds me of playing cards with my family (but no cheating – promise)!  Makes me want to grab a glass of rosé and put it on right now haha. Sure, it’s an extremely unrealistic story of how love can be found in the most unexpected places (and in 10 days no less), but i guess that’s all I need to put me in a very good mood 😊

Where to Watch | HBO Max ; Youtube and Amazon Prime (rent)

Notting Hill


I love rewatching Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I always enjoy a good romantic comedy, but also like being transported back to the late 90s and to London–especially since I can’t really travel right now (which is something I love and miss dearly).  It makes me feel calm and at peace to curl up and transport myself to beautiful London. I also love the uplifting story line where love wins in the end despite any challenges they incur. I think it’s just a nice, feel-good detour from today’s more challenging reality. It helps me fall asleep thinking happy thoughts 😴!

Where to Watch | HBO Max ; Amazon Prime (rent)



I love this movie! I will watch any movie that casts Ryan Reynolds because his scenes never fail to keep me interested. Deadpool is probably the most relatable and clever action-figure who never takes himself seriously, always has something hilarious to add, and repeatedly breaks the fourth wall to engage with the audience. They say laughing is the best medicine so I guess this movie is technically my drug! I enjoy variety, so watching movies that include elements of romance, action, comedy, and horror help to keep me captivated throughout its duration. After Deadpool finishes, I am usually on the verge of replaying it immediately. It’s that good🤩 I recommend getting some chocolate snacks before watching this almost-2-hour film!

Where to Watch | FX (with cable); Amazon Prime and Vudu (rent)

What’s your favorite movie to watch while the sun blazes away outside? Comment below!