So many of us have reached our limit when it comes to stress.


Here is how it may be showing up in your life. 

  • You feel restless and uncertain.
  • It’s hard to sleep through the night.
  • You feel like you need to keep going without rest, even rushing through life.
  • Physical ailments have started to emerge, like digestive issues, allergies, chronic headaches, and autoimmune diseases.
  • There is difficulty with expressing your emotions, and you disconnect with how you feel.
  • Sometimes you feel you are performing in life rather than being you
  • Relationships, in most areas of your life, feel hard.
  • As a highly sensitive person, you are tired of taking on other’s feelings for your own.


Hello, sweet one.

You didn’t come to Earth to be a bundle of stress and nerves.  Like me, you were never supported or taught about emotions, stress, mindset, and how it all relates to energy and vibrancy.

  • Emotions are energy in motion. And it’s quite fascinating how it all works in the body. 
  • Stress is different for everyone. Your stress is specific to you.
  • Your response to stress must correspond to some form of movement in order for it to release.
  • The beliefs you hold to be true about yourself and life are also very specific to you. 
The patterns you hold around what you recognize as stress, how you work through emotions, and how you respond can be shifted at a neurological and energetic level. 

I’m here to teach you. 

How i help

1:1 Guidance

Release, Restore, Recreate: is my 3 month signature program designed to support highly sensitive people in midlife that are burnt out. The 6 points of healing include physical and emotional recovery methods from burnout, setting boundaries, defining your personal values and vision, and enhancing your relationships through greater vulnerability and communication.


Rewilding Breathwork

The three-part circular breath has been used in shamanic journeys for centuries. You will walk away lighter, clear-minded, and your consciousness raised. This transformational 90 min breath experience is one of my favorite ways to release old energy stuck in your body. It’s been said that one of these sessions is equivalent to three months of therapy.

Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that I will be launching an app to share all of my somatic release exercises, meditations, and breathwork in 2022.

Stay tuned.

my Thinking...

"Life can be beautiful and messy at the same time."

The road to healing is winding and undulating road. We often fear taking the first step because of the unknown, and the temporary unsettledness we may feel. I’m here to say that there is beauty in the mess of healing. It’s like wrapping paper strewn about during a birthday or caked mud on your shoes. The mess is evidence of a lived life and your soul is calling to be honored. 

"Amy is such a breath of fresh air. After every session with her, I feel lighter and have more clarity. She has helped bring things to the surface that have drastically changed the way I view myself and my life. Her guidance is wisdom truly.

- sarah murphy