A little more about me

I had reached the apex. It was what I had envisioned for so many years — since I was a little girl watching the Mary Tyler Moore show. 

I was a powerful executive with an excellent reputation, working in the fashion retail industry in Manhattan. After sacrificing personal time for long travel days and years of working my way up the ladder, I earned my place at the table. Finally. I should be reveling in the excitement of achievement. Yet, I wasn’t reveling. Why did I feel extraordinarily empty? “Isn’t there something more?”. 

I was uncomfortable. I am a type-A rule follower, someone that took the “path” that everyone said would lead to success. You know the path: get your degree, find a good job, make it into a career, work your way up, make sacrifices, stay in your career, retire, and then scratch your head at the end and wonder, “Is that it?”. 

Except, I asked the question mid-career. 

And the answer was: No, thank you. That will not be me. 

I left my position with no job or career lined up. I was scared, lost, and confused. I chose to go after joy.

The transition was hard, fear crept in at many moments, and I needed to find the courage to pursue. I listened to a lot of Oprah and read a ton of books. I took multiple personality tests. I tapped into my creativity again and started to share my story with others. 

With lots of talk and time, reflecting on my values and talents, I became aligned with my life’s purpose. It was miraculous how pieces began to fall into place when building my business. 


My purpose is to help others navigate through this continuously evolving life — the rule followers, the high achievers, those with emptiness in their hearts that feel unaligned. I want to help others feel what I feel everyday: living in a state of flow. 

I’m a career and mindset coach, and The Recreated is my coaching business. I love what I do every day. I want this for you. 

I am a compassionate and loving person who has been holding back her sensitive side to fit in. Now I can be fully me. I want this for you. 

I’ve broken through conformity, and have consciously chosen to listen to my instinct, intuition, and values to create this aligned path. I want this for you. 

I bring twenty years of leadership experience and countless coaching conversations to my role. I’ve recreated my career multiple times — Derivates Assistant, to Peace Corps Volunteer, to Pastry Cook, to my executive roles in retail. I am a Certified Life & Success Coach, NLP, Hypnosis, TIME, and EFT practitioner. 

I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Brian, and my dog Brinkley where we work toward realizing our dream of living in our favorite places — Kauai, Palm Springs, and the Catskills.

More fun facts:

Astro: Sun – Gemini, Moon- Aquarius, Rising-Cancer 

Human Design: Manifesting Generator 

MBTI: INFJ (Advocate) 

Enneagram: Primary Type 3 (Achiever), Wing Type 9 (Peacemaker)